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About Quechua basic vocabulary

This Quechua vocabulary database allows you to learn basic words in Quechua. The vocabulary list contains about 1700 meanings that were carefully selected with the help of word frequency lists to ensure that this list contains only the basic Quechua words with synonyms assigned to a set of most important meanings. The vocabulary is also divided into topics. These topics like for example Color, Food, House, City, Clothes, Animal etc. make it even easier to memorize the Quechua vocabulary.

The set of Quechua meanings contained in this database covers close to 50% of communication in most languages because only the most frequently used words were selected for this dictionary. Language learners often think it is very hard to learn a foreign language because they do not know any words. Instead of learning the whole dictionary with tens of thousands of words it is very useful to learn this small set of basic Quechua words first. Once you learn these words you can test your knowledge in the vocabulary trainer.

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