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English and Chinese phrases containing 'you'



contactHow are you?你好吗? Nǐ hǎo ma? 身体好吗? Shēntǐ hǎo ma?
contactFine, thank you很好, 谢谢。 Hěn hǎo, xièxie.
contactWhat is your name?你叫什么名字? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?
contact Nice to meet you 很高兴认识你。 Hěn gāoxìng rènshì nǐ.
contact Thank you 谢谢。 Xièxiè.
contact You are welcome 不客气。 Bú kèqi.
questionDo you speak English?你会说英语吗? Nǐ huì shuō Yīngyǔ ma?
questionCan I use your phone? 我可以打个电话吗? (wǒ kěyǐ dǎ ge diànhuà ma?)
hotelDo you have any rooms available? 你们有房间吗? Nǐmen yǒu fángjiān ma?
hotelCan you wake me at ...? 请明天早上...叫醒我。 Qǐng míngtiān zǎoshàng ... jiàoxǐng wǒ.
restaurantDo you serve alcohol? 卖不卖酒? ( màibú màijiǔ?)

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This Chinese phrasebook allows you to lookup Chinese phrases which contain a keyword you enter. The basic Chinese phrases are divided into thematic groups like for example Question, Greeting, Hotel, Problem, Restaurant, Shopping etc. This database contains about 150 of the most important Chinese phrases. The list of Chinese phrases was carefully selected so it covers most situations people encounter in countries speaking Chinese.

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