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girl  onnanoko, onniyanoko

girl (ger: Maedchen)   metuchien
girl crazy   onnagurui
girl student; schoolgirl   jiyoseito
girl who has led a sheltered life; pet daughter   hakoirimusume
girl who puts on airs   kidoko
girl's feeling; maiden's mind   otomegokoro
girl's lacquered wooden clogs   botukuri, potukuri
girl's school   jiyogatukou
girlfriend; woman (lady) friend   onnatomodachi
girlish mind; girlish innocence   musumegokoro
girls college (used esp. in the names of Christian schools)   jiyogakuin
girls' high school   jiyoshikou
girls' kabuki   onnakabuki
girls' or women's division or section   jiyoshibu
girls' school   jiyoshikou
girly; girlie; girlish   otomechituku

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